3 Quick Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

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Making your resume stand out among the countless others will give you a huge advantage over the competition.  You may be more qualified for the position than the other candidates, but if you can’t draw the attention of the hiring manager then your achievement may go unnoticed.

Call attention to important details of your resume with these style tips.

Use Numbers

Saying that you are a dedicated worker who has increased profits at your previous companies may sound nice on a resume, but without the backing of numbers these claims fall flat in the eyes of a hiring manager.  Quantify the results of your achievements with solid numbers to back up your claims.

Numbers are visually different than most text, and people can read them much faster than words.  Having the contrast of numbers strewn throughout your resume can draw the hiring manager’s eye to that part of the paper faster than mere words.  A person can read 525 much faster than five-hundred twenty five.

Make Subtle Changes to the Font

Changing up the font on your resume is also a great way to call attention to the most important points that you are trying to convey.  While most of your resume should stick to the conventional Calibri or Times New Roman, you do have some freedom to tweak parts of your resume by adding a complimentary font.

If you keep it professional, and avoid fonts like Comic Sans, you can differentiate your resume from those of the masses.


Hiring managers tend to scan resumes for certain keywords that describe their ideal candidate.  The best way to ascertain what these keywords are is to research the company before writing your resume.  Mimic the type of language and words that they use in your speech.  It’s a great way to subliminally convey that you belong with the company.

By Kevin Withers

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