4 Reasons to Always Be Updating Your Resume

Posted: 08/21/14 | Category: Resume

Not on your job search? It might be tempting to let your CV gather dust. However, it pays to regularly bring it up-to-date. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should always be updating your resume.

1.) Your Accomplishments Will Be Fresh in Your Mind – Numerical evidence of your success is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Employers crave quantifiable examples, whether they’re growth statistics, revenue earned, money saved, or total customers reached. It’s exciting to learn about your tangible impact on a company. Why not use the excitement of that moment to hit home your point?

It’s better to write down important numbers while they’re still fresh in your head. At any given job, there are untold numbers (statistics, revenue dollars, etc.) referenced on a regular basis. Some are repeated with enough frequency that they’re hard to forget. Others might drift off if you don’t tie them down. One way or another, don’t take the risk of losing numbers that can help you to woo employers.

2.) It’s a Good Motivator – Looking back at your previous achievements is a great motivational tool. It can remind you of what you’ve already achieved while helping you reassess the big picture.

Compare your current job to any previous positions. Do your current achievements rival or surpass those of the past? If not, this is a great way to light a fire under yourself. From job to job, there should be a clear sign of growth that employers can easily connect together.

3.) You’re Ready for Internal Promotions - Even if you don’t intend to relocate to another company, it’s best to keep your resume ready for any internal promotions. In that case, your success relies on immediacy. The faster you can submit your resume for consideration, the faster you will beat out your internal and external competition.

4.) You Can Bounce Back from Severance – Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, your employment relationship ends abruptly and you’re forced to sift through the wreckage. In that moment, it pays to have your resume prepared in advance. Then, you aren’t dealing with the headache of trying to summarize a position that is quickly fading in your rearview mirror.

by James Walsh

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