5 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

Posted: 03/04/14 | Category: Job Search

Have you outgrown your job? When this question bubbles up in your mind, it’s usually a sign you need to move on. But before you take the plunge into the full depths of your job search, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. The checklist below gives you five clear signs it’s time to leave your job.

1.) Nothing Challenges You – Every project at your current job is a cake walk. When projects are always insipid and easy, it’s hard to keep yourself from getting bored. Eventually, that boredom leads to distraction and can even make a formerly focused employee turn in sloppy work.

2.) There’s No More Growth – Vertical and lateral growth are both out of the question in your current job. Every path you’ve explored brings you back to square one with no promotion and no way to forge new opportunities.

3.) The Company Culture isn’t a Fit – No matter how much you try to mash incompatible jigsaw pieces together, they won’t fit. If your ideals don’t align with your current job's culture, there is no way you can force it. Pursuit of a new job is really your only choice.

4.) The Future Doesn’t Look Good – The warning signs are all around you: the company isn’t equipped to survive a market shift and you don’t have the power to actualize change and stop an inevitable end. That in mind, there’s no need for you to be onboard when the company goes up in flames.

5.) Work/Life Balance is Out the Window – Is your current job eroding the boundaries of your personal life? If the sacrifice isn’t worthwhile, it’s time to look elsewhere. No paycheck is worth the loss of freedom in your personal and family life.

P.S.  – Don’t Leave Just for Money. Though you feel you may need a larger salary for your abilities, this should never be your sole reason for leaving. If it is, you’ll be back on the job market in no time because of the above five reasons.

So always keep your eyes out for positions that help you to remedy the problems in your current job. And if you’re having a hard time finding the right fit, give one of our recruiters a call today.

by James Walsh

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