Caught by Resume Filters? Here’s How to Get Around Them

Posted: 03/03/15 | Category: Job Search

In a time where automation is omnipresent, often the application you submit online is never seen by any pupils but your own. Organizations with a large applicant flow commonly use software coded to seek out certain keywords, years of experience, physical locations, or previous positions.

When you feel you’re constantly caught by resume filtering, a recruiter can help you break those barriers, whether you’re employed full-time, seeking career advice, or relocating.

When employed full-time: A recruiter is an invaluable tool to assist you in your search. He or she is paid to put you to work. It is their livelihood – their passion. More importantly, if you do not want your current employer to know about your job search, recruiters tend to work confidentially. Better yet, by teaming up with a recruiter, you will have someone on your side, running an active search even when you are at work.

When seeking career advice: By looking at the breadth and depth of your skills, even the minutiae of your background, a recruiter can offer a fresh perspective of your skills, opening you up to a new direction and role you had not considered before. Through getting to know you, your background, your motivations, and aspirations, they can masterfully paint a picture of your desirability to employers rivaling even some of the masters of French Impressionism.

When relocating: Making a move? Enlisting the help of a recruiter in the area in which you will be relocating can alleviate a tremendous amount of stress involved in a cross-country or even across the state search. In addition to being a regional advocate, recruiters have a vast network of connections throughout organizations large and small. They are likely to be more familiar with lesser-known companies in the area and, more importantly, they are likely to know of companies with confidential, unadvertised job openings.

Job hunting can be stressful, but you do not have to do it on your own. Create your own team of advocates with which you trust to assist you in your search. By using a recruiter you will expand the reach of your search, reduce the stress and anxiety, and likely yield better results in a shorter period of time than during a search conducted on your own.

by Kendall Bolden

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