Common Interview Question: “Why are You Leaving Your Current Job?”

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There are certain very common interview questions that are guaranteed to come up during a job interview.  If you’re currently employed and on the hunt for a new job, you can almost certainly guarantee that you will be asked, “Why are you leaving your current job”.

It’s a straightforward question, albeit one that is not exactly easy to address.  But, as long as you remember a few things, you won’t have any problems explaining why you are leaving your current job.

Stay Positive

Even if your current job is the equivalent of working as a serf in feudal times, the interview isn’t the time to harp on the negative aspects of your employment.  You always want to focus on the positive, how you are moving forward in your career, rather than looking back on what you don’t like about your current job.  It’s implied that something isn’t working out, otherwise you wouldn’t be seeking employment elsewhere.

Stay away from launching into tirades about poor company policies, aggressive managers, or sheer boredom at work.  Instead, emphasize how you are seeking a company where you can grow, where your abilities and personality are a great fit, and where you know you can succeed (and help the company do so as well).

Be Brief, but Not too Vague

The trick to explaining why you are leaving your current job is to get in and get out of your answer as quickly as possible.  The longer you talk about your reasons, the more chance you have of talking yourself into a hole.

Having said that, you also don’t want to shroud your reasons in ambiguity.  Merely stating that you were ready to move on can give the impression that you are hiding something.  So, take a moment to explain one or two examples of why you think you could be doing better with the hiring manager’s company and let the interview naturally move on to another topic.

If you are ready to leave your current job, contact a recruiter today.  They can help you to expedite your job search, answer common interview questions, and put you in contact with the incredible company that you deserve.

By Kevin Withers

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