How to Get Your Resume Noticed By Recruiters

Posted: 01/21/14 | Category: Job Search Resume

Are you running into rough competition during your January job search? It’s not a surprise. After falling off the bandwagon in December, countless job seekers have returned to their search with renewed vigor in the New Year. All those competing resumes flooding employers’ inboxes can make it hard for anyone who isn’t a wunderkind to stand out. That’s why it can help to turn to a recruiter to get the job done right and fast. But you still need to get recruiters to notice you.

Here are a few ways to stand out from the crowd in the eyes of recruiters:

• Proofread – Recruiters want to represent only the best talent they can find. Someone with misspellings, word omissions, or bad grammar in a resume doesn’t give off the top talent vibe. Avoid these errors by using the fresh eyes of family and friends to root them out. 

• Link back to online profiles or portfolios – Since most resumes are digital, it makes perfect sense to include a hyperlink to online profiles or previous works. Recruiters want to be shown what a job seeker can do. If they have to take your talent on faith alone, the risk is much greater.

• Don’t ignore formatting – A resume is more than the words in it; formatting is just as important. An unappetizing format, one characterized by ungainly whitespace, font inconsistencies, or uninterrupted text that sprawls, will scare away more recruiters than it attracts. Bullet points, shaded segments, and even eye-catching text boxes can break up an otherwise insipid resume.

• Connect the dots with your skills – Listing every technical skill in a chunk at the top of bottom or a resume can be counterproductive. Though it helps recruiters to find your skills in one place, it tells them nothing about how recently and frequently you have used each technical skill on the job.

Once you get the eye of a recruiter, you can finally start to stand out in your job search and land the job you resolved to get for the New Year.

by James Walsh

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