Let’s Talk Salary during the Interview

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In a job interview, no one relishes the moment when salary requirements are brought up.  It’s the one question that you definitely know the answer to, but it’s also the one question that you have trouble answering with confidence. 

Present a number that is too low and you could wind up costing yourself tens of thousands of dollars over the next few years.  Present a number that is too high and you could have just priced yourself out of the job.

You Can Only Dodge So Much

Salary may be a hard topic to discuss, but it shouldn’t be avoided altogether.  If it is brought up early on during the interview, you can brush off the question by saying that you are more interested in learning about the position and the company.  However it is likely that the issue will be brought up again.

If the interviewer insists that you put out a number, you should not pass or try to deflect the question.  Doing so will make you seem standoffish and could irritate the interviewer.  In the end you just have to buck up and face the issue head on.

Do Your Research

If you are new to the industry, have moved to a new area, or are looking to progress to a more senior role, do your research before deciding on a number that suits your career goals.  Sites like www.glassdoor.com and www.careerbuilder.com break down the average salary statistics for job titles in cities all across the country (they even will tell you what specific companies pay their employees).

Do your research on salary before the interview so that when you’re asked, you don’t have to risk putting down a number that is way off the mark.

Don’t Shortchange Yourself

You can make certain sacrifices when it comes to salary if the company offers out-of-this world benefits and perks.  Just don’t shortchange yourself in an effort to make yourself more competitive for a job.  In the end, jobs aren’t all about the money.  Having said that, you should always be paid what you are worth.

One of the best perks of working with a recruiter is that they will often negotiate salary for you.  They know your skills and will push for your target salary.  Get your job search started by contacting one today.

By Kevin Withers

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