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Sometimes you seem to hit a dead end with your job search.  When that happens, it becomes time to switch tactics and add some extra energy to your efforts.  If you feel like your job search has become stale, try these simple tips.

Boost Your Social Media Presence

Keeping a clean and updated social media presence is one of the strongest tools in any job seeker’s toolbox.  But if you haven’t updated your profiles for an extended period of time then you are doing your job search a great disservice.  Make sure that you take some time to:

• Update your profile pictures to more recent photos of you (keep them professional looking)
• Fill in any skills or accomplishments that you have learned since your last update
• Join new groups on LinkedIn and get involved in discussions of your industry/new technology

Meet up with Old Connections

When was the last time you met up with (let alone called) some of your old work friends or industry contacts?  It’s always a great idea to reestablish old links when you need to take your job search in a different direction.

Call or sit down to lunch with your old contacts to discuss what is new in their careers.  They may even have a few new resources that could help you out in your job search.  Most importantly, ask what you can do for them.  Relationships work best when the door swings both ways.

Update Your Resume

You’ve likely added your most recent skills, jobs, and accomplishments to your resume, but are you still using outdated terminology?  Times have changed, and resume dos and don’ts aren’t the same as they were even a few years.  Don’t ruin your chances right off the bat by submitting a dud to an employer.

Learn Something New

Are you keeping up with the latest technologies and skills in your industry?  If you want to add a fresh spin on your job search, try diversifying your skills.  This can open up new positions with companies that you would not have applied for in the past.

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By Kevin Withers

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