Starting a New Job?  These Foolproof Tips Will Ease the Transition

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Your first day at a new job can leave you feeling lost in an unfamiliar world.  Sure, you may be feeling a rush of excitement, nervousness, and joy from starting your new position, but you still want to impress your co-workers and bosses right out of the gate.

First off, stepping through the doors of your new office can be as nerve-wrecking as the interview itself.  If you are feeling nervous, just remember two things:

1) They want you to be here (and chose you over others).
2) You chose this job because you knew it would make you happy.

Secondly, there are many things you can do the night before and on your first day that will help you to ease the transition into your new job.

Before Your First Day:

• Have your route planned out in advance and arrive early.  A half hour early on your first day is better than fifteen minutes late.
• Reach out to your future co-workers/bosses via email to let them know that you are looking forward to meeting/working with them.
• Prepare to bring any documentation (driver’s license, social security card, etc.) that you may need for HR paperwork.
• Brush up on any rusty and relevant skills so you can hit the ground running.
• Pack a lunch.  Eating with your co-workers is a great way to make friends.

Your First Day:

• Establish a schedule with your direct lead right away.
• Act as if you are still being interviewed for the job (it is likely that you are).
• Find a qualified mentor that you can learn from and emulate how he or she operates.
• Research any ongoing/upcoming projects that you will be working on.
• Be prepared to ask questions (lots of questions), and be prepared to take notes often.
• Build up strong relationships with your teammates.
• Before your day ends, create a game plan for the next 90 days.  Know where you want to be and make a plan to get there.
• Establish a comfortable, but professional, atmosphere at your workstation.  Customizing your workspace will ease the transition and help you feel more at home.

By Kevin Withers

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