The 15 Complete Steps to Find Your New Job

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The job search process can be overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a new job with just the click of a button? How about 15 clicks?

Our General Employment team has brought together our best resources to guide you through your job search from start to finish and beyond.

Resumes & Social Media

A good first impression is like a Wonka golden ticket. It gives you a chance to take the tour and prove your worth. That’s why every resume, cover letter, and social media account needs to be clean, concise, and convincing.

1.) Words to Avoid Using on Your Resume – Certain words fail to do your achievements justice. Words like creative, responsible, and these 9 other words are empty and meaningless to employers. Instead, let your actions speak for you.

2.) 3 Quick Tips to Make Your Resume Standout – To hiring managers, a stack of template resumes are as unique as a pile of white plastic spoons spread on a table. There’s no difference between individuals. You want your resume to be the sterling silver in the pile. Here’s how to do it. 

3.) The ABCs of Writing the Perfect Cover Letter – A good cover letter never gives information that is identical to what’s on your resume. It forges its own path and follows these essential steps.

4.) 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Your LinkedIn Profile – Over 300,000 professionals can view your LinkedIn profile. If you aren’t regularly attracting new visitors, you’re probably repelling them with one of these 4 LinkedIn profile mistakes. 

Networking with the Best

Strong network connections offer a clear passage to new and better jobs. You just need to know who to network with and how to maximize the talent and efforts of people around you.

5.) The 4 People You Need In Your Network Right Now – 4 different types of people make up any strong network. And they might not be the people who first come to mind.

6.) Can Networking with Strangers Get You a New Job? – Where do you start networking when your existing connections feel tapped out? Well, just about anywhere. Here’s why.

7.) 5 Networking Mistakes That Are Killing Your Career – This is how not to network. If you’re not building relationships with strong and connected professionals, then you might be making one of these mistakes.

Interviews: Before, During, & After

A worthwhile interview isn’t a self-contained moment in time. Preparation and forethought go in beforehand. Strong responses to interview questions depend on what you’ve learned. Even your actions after the interview have an impact on the results. Here’s how to keep all those rules straight.

8.) 9 Questions to Start Your Interview Research Off Right – Good interviewers are good preppers.  Once you’re on the interview premises, it’s too late to do research. Here’s what to know now.

9.) What to Eat Before Your Interview – Interview preparation is more than memorizing facts or planning responses. You need the right fuel (vitamins, minerals, and nutrients) to keep you alert, energized, and upbeat throughout the day.

10.) 5 Secrets to Good Interview Body Language – Effective communication in an interview relies on more than just words. 93% of communication during a job interview (or otherwise) is nonverbal. Here’s how to subliminally show you’re a good fit.

11.) 12 Questions You’ll Hear in Every Job Interview – You don’t have to be a mind reader to predict what questions are coming in your job interview. There is a standard set of interview questions that you’ll hear every time (in one version of another).

12.) 5 Ways to Make Your Group Interview Memorable – When you’re going up against a number of people, it can be hard to distinguish yourself. However, we have 5 tips to help you stand head and shoulders over the competition.

13.) How to Answer “Why Do You Want to Work Here?” – No, it’s not more money. This is one question that is easy enough to answer right but plenty of people fumble. Here’s how to endear yourself to any employer.

14.) Your Greatest Weakness Is Your Greatest Strength – Questions about “your greatest weakness” tend to freeze most people like a doe in the headlights of an oncoming freight train. Little do they know that a simple and smart answer to that question can really show what they do best: learn and grow.

15.) The “Do’s and Don’ts” After Your Job Interview  – After a promising job interview, you don’t sit still and wait for a call. You take action to ensure that when one of the many candidates gets called, that candidate is you.

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