Where to Go When Your Resume Doesn’t Seem to Work

Posted: 06/11/14 | Category: Job Search Resume

More often than not, it feels like your job application ends up in the black void of space. You wait and wait without a response and are left to wonder: Was my resume received? Did it get discarded after the 6 second test? It might be that your resume is written in a way that turns hiring managers off.

Don’t wait for a hiring manager to give you pointers. Here are a few people who can help you write an eye-catching resume.
Reach Out to Family & Friends

One of the most common resume mistakes is a lack of thorough proofreading. Even with convincing content, an application marred by typos, bad grammar, or misused words suggests a lack of attention and professionalism, but it’s not always your fault.

The human brain is an awe-inspiring tool. It is designed to fill in the gaps so we can properly navigate a complex world. However, that doesn’t necessarily help when we’re proofreading.

A researcher at Nottingham University found that in some cases “sufficient letters, even though in the wrong position, [are enough] for the brain to ‘recognise’ the word.” The same goes for repeated words and small-scale word agreement. Our brain fills in that gap to allow the meaning of our writing to make sense.

That’s why a second pair of eyes is an easy resume fix. A willing reader – be it a detail-oriented spouse, parent, or close friend – is more inclined to find the little mistakes that prevent your resume from being read to completion.

Contact Your University’s Career Counseling Center

Are you a college graduate? Your alma mater might still be willing to help with your job application process. Most university career counseling centers provide resume writing services to students and graduates alike.

Trained career counseling professionals are made available free of charge without a cap on the number of times they can assist you. The greatest strength of these university resume writing services is that they can review your resume for any glaring big picture deficiencies (typos, format, exhausted clichés, etc.) before passing along their comments.

Though it may be difficult to make an in-person trip to their offices, most are willing to at least schedule some time for over-the-phone consultations. 

Hire a Professional Resume Writer

Want specialized help with your resume? Professional resume writers, in addition to making overall resume improvements, can help you tweak your job application to dominate your specific industry.

Each career field varies from one to the next. Proper use of keywords and jargon takes some familiarity. Any professional resume writer you work with should know your industry. How can you expect to communicate your strengths as a candidate if the person helping you doesn’t understand the basics of what you do?

Before signing any agreement, make a point to grill your professional resume writer on some industry terminology. On top of that, evaluate his or her reputation online and review any LinkedIn recommendations to determine which profession the resume writer knows best. That way, your resume can better pass Applicant Tracking Systems and get the attention of their human counterparts. 

Work with a Recruiter

A recruiter can be a huge resource when you’re looking for help writing your resume. Where do you want to work? Recruiters can help you get your foot in the door with your dream company and can help you cater the specifics of your resume to make it a precise fit for what the hiring manager wants. Moreover, they can let you know where you fell short in both your resume and interview.

If you’re looking to move forward in your job search, give one of our team members a call today. They can take a look at your resume and help you connect with a company that is right for you.

by James Walsh