Engineering Manager - Personnel Consultant-Engineering

From Linda:

There is no better way to help yourself than by helping someone else.  Being able to write your own paycheck and knowing that in doing so, you are changing someone else's life gives such a great feeling of accomplishment!

Applicant Testimony:

"I honestly think this is one of the best services available for job placement. Linda is a great coach and mentor, brings a lot of experience, and wants to ensure that opportunities are generated for applicants. I am impressed with as well as extremely happy with the results of my time with the service!" - Xiao

"Linda is very persistent. When I had questions on this job offer, she called the right person to get an answer in a timely manner. She called me after hours in order to relay the message. She went the extra miles in getting me someone to contact for possible housing." James (relocated from the Southern US for this role).

  • PH: 614 228-5192