Personnel Consultant - Engineering

Matt comes to us with a background in sales and business development. He has owned smalls businesses where he developed skills in networking and building professional lasting relationships while also working with others to gain self-employment through franchise ownership. Outside of General Employment, Matt is a proud husband, father and youth ministry leader. He is passionate and dedicated to helping make an impact with each individual he encounters and is ready to help you too!

A quote from Matt:

“The measure of a man’s greatness is not the number of servants he has, but the number of people he serves.”  – John Hagee

Applicant Testimonials:

"Matthew did an incredible job on his communication with me and potential employers. I felt that he went far and beyond his job to get me this opportunity!" - Mark 

"Matt is very efficient and thorough. Approachable and easy to discuss concerns and circumstances. Works with candidates to resolve problems. He is focused and diligently works for you in order to find your future career." - Amanda 

"Matt was always frank and upfront with me, no sugarcoating of anything. I appreciated the honesty." - Taylor

  • PH: 614-228-5192